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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zumba, Zumba, ZumbOH MY GOD!

Every Wednesday evening at this lab, a lady comes and leads a Zumba class in the commons area. I've seen em doing it these last few weeks as I go to fill up my water bottle for my workout, which recently has been almost 100% elliptical. This is mostly because I hate the recumbent bike (or rather the bike hates my package) and I am still not quite comfortable enough with the treadmill to up the speed/incline enough to get my heart going like the elliptical can. So, since I stopped going to 24hr Fitness on weekdays and those are my only three options here, I'm now working out 4 days a week, 1 hour per session on the elliptical. Thats not a bad thing -- I love the elliptical -- but it is a bit monotonous (both in terms of keeping it interesting for me and keeping it challenging for my body).

So, I was talking to my supervisor today about health/fitness/weightloss stuff, which she brought it up because she noticed I've been losing weight (seriously? After knowing me for only 4 weeks now? That's a sharp eye), and she mentioned the Zumba class, which she apparently does every week. I told her I don't think I'd do it because a) I'm probably not coordinated enough and b) it probably isn't as intense as my cardio tends/needs to be. She convinced me to try it anyhow, so after a 20 minute warmup on the elliptical, I hopped over to the commons to join in and ohmygodmylegsmybackmysidesmyheart I think I'm gonna die. Wow. I don't know if I'll do that again. I don't know if I'll do anything again. Seriously, I went from the the workout straight to my desk to share this post with yall, and I am struggling to muster the energy needed to type these words.

In other news, I did wind up getting out of jury duty (obviously since I'm talking about being at the lab today), but rather than go to the lab yesterday, I took care of some other errands that needed me in that part of town.

I changed my voter registration (finally). Despite considering myself a libertarian for the last 10 years, I'm now officially one (previously unaffiliated).

I renewed my driver's license. This one was big for me. When we got to the part where the lady asked my weight, I was going to emphatically pronounce my real weight for the first time since I first started carrying ID. My old DL says 280, which at the time was a lie by at least 20 pounds. I now weight 273, but that isn't going to last. Instead, I decided to announce my weight as a nice round 250. I'm looking forward to making that correct.

And then wrong again.

In the other direction.


HopeFool said...

I have never heard of Zumba, but I've taken 80's aerobics classes that made me feel exactly like that! Don't lie, it feels good (if you ignore the searing pain part)!

Good going, taking that risk.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Haha, sounds like fundeath :D

Good to hear you got out of jury duty. And good job on renewing the driver's licence. Thank god we don't need to put our weight on our licenses over here :D

Brandi said...

Oh Zumba :) Its good should totally come take one of my kickboxing classes sometime. I'm kind of a nazi but they love it!

And that's a good idea with the driver's license! Make it into a challenge by having to make it true. I like it!

OH and thanks again for the contact info. As soon as I get paid tomorrow I'm headed to buy myself a box or two :)

Carlos said...

wow that zumba shit sounds crazy. I have to do the drivers license mambo soon too

twinkelydots said...

I did my first Zumba! class a couple of weeks ago. I LOVED it!

Fun to change your DL weight to be a lie in a good way.

tricia said...

I've been scared to try Zumba too...thinking I'm too outta shape and too uncoordinated. I trip over lint, and that's on a good day. You're awesome for trying it and for sticking it out.

Sami said...

Please, no more bike- protect the package...for my sake!