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Monday, February 9, 2009

Riding the Waves

Today was another incredible day. I feel like I got a lot done in the lab. In fact, I kind of lost track of time and wound up working about 45 minutes longer than I'd intended; it seems really easy for me to get wrapped up in the work and forget to watch the clock because it really doesn't feel like work. Today completes my training, so from here on, I'll have help and direction if I need it, but the project is mine to do as I wish. That autonomy and responsibility is very satisfying. I am looking forward to knocking this one out of the park and give them no alternative but to hire me. I really think I would have a very happy life if I worked here for the next 50 years.

On the nutrition side of things, I made some really good choices, and although I'm still looking at a points deficit for the day once again, I just don't feel hungry enough to try to force myself to use them all up. I think I'm OK with that now. In spite of all the people on the 100 pounds to lose board disagreeing with me, I think if I was starving myself, I would feel starved or at the very least, hungry. No, I'm not gonna get hung up on points anymore. As long as I'm satisfied and not constantly feeling hungry, I'll stick with the same plan I've had these past 4 months. I'll try to avoid being under more than 8 by the end of the day and shoot for the full 40, but if I can't get there without stuffing myself, so be it.

The workout was pretty strong as well. I feel like I pushed myself a little bit harder than last week and my body responded well to it. By the time I was finished, the sweat was flowin and I was riding the endorphin high the whole drive home.

Once I got home, I was greeted by an excited puppy, a delivery from amazon (my Valentine's presents for her) and a loving girlfriend. After a warm shower and a change of clothes I felt like a new man, so I sat down to read some blogs. I gotta tell you, a wave just washed over me. It's an incredible feeling. The only way I can describe it is an overwhelming sense of well-being and happiness. Life is great, and to borrow the phrase from Karen, I am crazy-ass happy. Are you crazy ass happy too?


theantijared said...

Seems like you are doing the right things!

Keep it up!

Twice the Man said...

no one knows your better then you should, dont worry about the 100 plus to lose gang, you know what is working for you at this point and go with that

Melissa said...

By the way, I agree with you on the points thing. Look at it this way. When you're heavy, you often have mixed up or at the very least, severely distorted hunger signals. I'd have to say I didn't really know what real hunger was. So look at it like a real accomplishment that you can a) be aware that you have "permission" to eat more and b) not eat it because you know you're genuinely not hungry for it.

I don't know if I'll ever not be hungry for all my points, so I have to admit I'm a little envious of where you are! But I guess as a chick with a sit-down job, my 21 points are about what I need.

I'm really happy for you. And I was proud of you the other day when we went out. You and the chickie are doing so well. Isn't life grand?

Brandi said...

Crazy-assed happy huh? YAY!! So glad you got there :)