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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Zumba: mark 2

Not nearly as bad as last time. No moments where I thought I'd die, no stumbles, not once did I stop just to stare at the leader's feet in amazement wondering how a human can maneuver like that. There were two non-dance portions, both of which I liked a lot better than the deltoid workout from last week that left me wondering if I'd need a fire extinguisher. That's not to say they weren't hard, just more enjoyable. The first was a boxing routine, which I am a bit of a novice boxer (no I'm not; I play Wii sports boxing and Wii Fit rhythm boxing). The second was a pilates-style core workout. It hurt a bit to use my legs as weights to control with my obliques, but I managed to keep up through both routines without stopping.

Altogether, between the 20 minute warmup on the elliptical and the hour of Zumba, I burned over 1700 Calories (almost half a pound *flex*). Not bad at all. I'm about to call it a day here in the lab and get in another hour on the elliptical, then tomorrow is the traditional day-before-weigh-in-no-workout day. I'm feeling really good about this week. I think I'm gonna turn in a good number. I've been known to be completely mistaken about these things, though, so don't point n laugh when I gain a pound Saturday.


Jim ( said...

Good luck with the weigh-in.

twinkelydots said...


Wtg on not giving it up after only 1 time.

Wonder if there's a Wii Fit Zumba?

Brandi said...

Yay Zumba! As a group fitness instructor can I just say how proud I am that you are taking Zumba!?!?!!??!! Its so hard to overcome that feeling of awkwardness in group fitness, but you seem to be doing awesome!

Keep working hard! And good luck saturday :)