My Progress

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tomorrow the day I gave myself to check in when I decided to give it another shot at scaling back. I've been doing really well this week, and I feel like my body has responded well. I've also impressed myself with with my resolve to stay off any and all scales (and I face a few every day several times a day). I'd be thrilled to get a sneak peak at what is to come on Saturday, but I am confident that I can handle waiting until Saturday morning.

I original gave myself the check in for the sake of keeping myself from spazzing out like I have in the past when I cut myself free of the safety net that is daily weighing. I honestly don't think I'll need it, though. So, I'm gonna keep doin what I'm doin, rock out the next of this week and give myself a genuine surprise as my own Valentine's day gift to myself. And why not? I could use a little self-love, right?

Wish me luck, I'm hoping I've bypassed that looming plateau. Actually, in reality, I should have acknowledged that I didn't lose just 0.6 last weigh-in. That was my official loss, but if I factor in my ~2 pound unofficial gain, I lost somewhere in the range of 2.6 for the week.


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