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Monday, February 23, 2009

Gotta eat em ALL!

Since my girlfriend and I have decided to start doing a date night (which we stopped doing when money got tight at the end of 2008), we've been taking turns planning out fun dates. She did two really good ones including the hibachi grill surprise at our favorite sushi place and Valentine's day (to be fair, I planned out the Friday night pizza/gift exchange), but I've put together some nice dates myself. Last Saturday was my turn and I think I had a pretty original idea.

We went to a portrait studio and got our pictures taken in some nice casual/dressy outfits, ordered a set that would be enough to share with our families and put up a nice one in our own home as well. I'll get the photos in a week or so. Maybe if she doesn't mind me putting her face on blog I'll share em with yall.

After that, we went to Olive Garden, which we haven't done in a long time (between the money crunch and weight watching, it just wasn't brought up), but since the company recently disclosed its full menu nutrition information, I planned it out and made it work while still enjoying one of my favorites, chicken parm. After that, we got some quick CostCo love since I had some contacts that were ready for pickup. Also, I had already gone through a 3-lb bag of sugar snap peas in 3 weeks and since these are my favorite vegetable at the moment, I just had to get more. We also needed milk, other veggies and fruits and another massive tub of cottage cheese.

Finally, we went home, curled up in bed together and watched a movie I recently bought, Zack and Miri make a porno. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. We've enjoyed a lot of Seth Rogan's movies together since I gave her Knocked Up as a Valentine's day gift last year (I know, I know but I wasn't trying to say anything). I was surprised to find out this one didn't have Apatow's hand in it. Even better, it was a Kevin Smith, who seems to have gotten some of his touch back (I wasn't terribly impressed with Chasing Amy, Jersey Girl or Jay or Silent Bob Strike Back (the best of those 3); I didn't even give Clerks 2 a chance). The movie was hilarious, surprisingly cute and romantic and pretty much everything I've come to expect from Rogan. I know some of you aren't down with the raunchy humor (I'm lookin at you, Carlos), but I'm sure if the word porno is in the title, you know what you're gettin into. That said, be warned: this isn't for the kiddies or fundies.

I've admitted to intentionally reserving deficit dailies for months now. While I know it is NOT recommended and I can't TRULY consider myself OP until I correct this, I've tried and become discouraged by mediocre losses or even gains when I try to do this, always reverting to my bad habit of daily deficits. To be clear, I'm not crash dieting or starving (truth be told, I'm not even hungry 95% of the time because I eat 5 or 6 times per day), but it's not unusual for me to finish a day with 2 to 10 unspent points.

I really want to give it another go just so that I can say I'm really following the program and not just doing my own thing, and I'm going to try to use at least half of my weeklies as well (I still won't delve into the APs). So, this is my real attempt.

Saturday I used 48.5 of my 40 dailies
Sunday I used 39.5
I've planned my day out today and should finish at 41 if I eat everything.

Here goes nothin!


Angie said...

I loved that movie, too!

It's actually Kevin Smith who did the movie, not Kevin James.

If you wanna change it! :)

Graized said...

Dunno how that snuck in there, although she does love her some Kevin James.

theantijared said...

That tub of cottage cheese was gone in two days!

twinkelydots said...

If you're having trouble meeting your daily points I would suggest having a tablespoon of peanut butter or almond butter. I have the same issue at times and love having it as a treat.

My husband is great at finding cheap/free things for us to do. Our favorite is going to student recitals at the University.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

That is a great movie! Absolutely crack up. Finally, Justin Long stepped out of his geeky teen role he always plays :D

I'm not sure what the daily deficits are, but I hope you're able to sort it out.