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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

302,400 Calories

I hate to disappoint those of you who saw the title of this post and came to read about the most ridiculous out of control binge in the history of the world, but that isn't the number of Calories I ate yesterday. I was OP all day (again, aside from the oils. feh.) and I got in another kickass workout.

So what does "302,400 Calories" mean to me? That is how much I have burned (between exercise and BMR in excess of my caloric intake) in the past 10 months. More importantly, that is how much I would have to eat above and beyond my BMR (which at this point is just under 2500) to reverse all the progress I've made so far. If I did nothing but sit around and eat 5000 Calories a day, it would take me 4 months to do that much damage.

I'm not one to fall into binging, but I have fallen off the wagon before, so it is comforting to know just how far I've come and how hard I'd have to try to go back to where I was. I know I'm in this for the long haul at this point. I've got family, friends, a girlfriend and a puppy rooting for me to find a level of health and fitness I've never known before. I've got a future that depends on it. I've got 302,400 reasons I've come too far not to, and I'm coming up with more reasons with every breath I take.


Carlos said...

what a great way to look at your progress...

twinkelydots said...

To break down your loss in calories is a great motivator.