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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please help me support MS research

The lab I'm at now, which I've mentioned several times on this blog, has participated for several years now in a fundraiser for the National MS Society: walk MS. When they announced today at the town hall meeting that signups are now open for this event, which is scheduled for Saturday, April 18 in my area (there are hundreds of events all over the nation for this), I immediately knew it was for me. I've been meaning to get involved in some fundraising like this and I've been meaning to participate in some walking/running events. This is definitely a good start for both of those.

I'm happy to say I was the first person in line for signups after town hall ended. Granted, almost everyone else could just email them and say "use my registration from last year, please," but that's beside the point. So I'm officially participating, which means I'm officially asking you, my readers to help me fight MS, a disease that stops people from moving.
I've joined the movement to create a world free of multiple sclerosis. By making a donation on my behalf, you help the Mid America Chapter provide local programs and services to more than 25,000 of our friends and neighbors who live with the daily effects of this disease. While the MS Society works to end MS, I will be helping people with MS move ahead.

Every penny I raise will be matched by my lab, so if you can spare a couple, please donate to a worthy cause that also makes me work my butt off. Whatever you can give will help! I greatly appreciate your support and will keep you posted on my progress.

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Kasia said...

Hey Ben:
Thanks for walking. I don't know if you remember but my mother has had MS since I was 8 (well that was when she was diagnosed with it). And it is something my family lives with every day but little is known and less is known about cures.
Thanks again for walking. My mom and I thank you.