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Monday, April 20, 2009

Re: Knowing

I put out the call for questions and yall threw me some good ones. Yall ready for a long post? This is one of my longest.

FLG thinks he's special and gets three questions. Well... he's right because he is the man.
What's the best thing about your life now compared to 98 lbs ago? Ever watched a game of rugby? Who are 3 (or more if you have them) of your heroes and why?
The best thing about my life is the feelin of freedom I've gained. Before the weight loss, I felt almost imprisoned in my body, shackled to a 100 pound ball and chain. Now, I can do more than I had ever imagined and with another 30-50 to go, the sky is the limit, mate. I have never watched a live game, but I've seen games on TV from time to time and I once went on a couple of dates with a girl that played and coached rugby. Great sport; very violent, looks like a lot of fun. I'll totally join yall when I come to visit in 201X. Two of my heroes are my friends John and Barrett, both of whom are US army rangers. It may sound hokey, but I could not have more respect for what these two went through over in that sandbox. My third hero is my dad (again, hokey, I know). His work ethic, his devotion to his family and his total man's man personality make him the perfect model for me. If I turn out to be half the man he is, I'll be thrilled.

Amber is one of the most persistent, supportive commentors I've ever seen in this little community.
What was it, exactly, that brought you to your WL journey?
I don't have any one thing that turned the key for me, but I guess the primary trigger that brought me into the door at weight watchers this time was a mailer they sent to "resident" alerting me to the impending end to free registration. In actuality, I don't think I know what made this one different than all my previous weight loss efforts. I guess I was just in the right place in my life this time.

Tony is practically my little brother. He is one of only two bloggers I have on my cell phone. The other is a first cousin (no, really).
Lost or Wow?
Asking me to choose between two of my addictions? Man, that's rough, but I must admit they both have their appeal. LOST is an incredibly intricate and debate-provoking show that keeps me entertained and on my seat for the next episode better than any show I've followed. World of Warcraft, on the other hand, offers me everything that Everquest did in fantasy, drive to succeed and sense of accomplishment, but more than that, it had great support and constant revision keeping the game fun and adding challenging, entertaining content. I've made some great friends through WoW that I meet at least twice a year. These aren't just casual friends. These are guys I'll invite to my wedding. That said, I haven't been playing WoW for months, so I guess while it's still in season LOST wins.

Asandir is a new-comer around here. Welcome aboard, brah!
How did you manage to get into the heavy aerobic exercise?
Personally, I don't really care what people think while I'm working out. I'm so in the zone, I scarcely notice anyone around me. If you feel like people are staring at you, you should remind yourself that if anything they are probably showing you some admiration. There's an overweight guy that is changing himself; he's doing something about it.

Tricia is... not on my blogroll and I don't know why. I'm fixing that tout suite.
When you get really rank, what do your armpits smell like?Mine are always like rubber band-ish. It's wild.
I smell like a man. I think it gets pretty rank, but there's nothing particularly unique or recognizable about the scent of my pits. My urine, on the other hand, sometimes smells like popcorn. *boggle*

MizFit is a damn rock star. Period.
How did you even START? that is the question I always want to ask bloggers. what was your THIS IS IT IM DOING IT. IT'S NOW OR NEVER moment?
I think it was a few months into it, after I'd already lost 30 pounds and had been working out for a month, I realized suddenly "Holy shit; I'm doing this; for the first time in my life I'm actually doing this." It's weird. There was no click. No defining moment. It's like you've been trying to teach your kid to say "mama" for weeks and then one morning she says, " hey Mom, what's for breakfast?"

Well, that's it for this little experiment. I hope You know me a little better now. I do. I also count myself lucky to have so many friendly, helpful supporters in this community. It means a lot to me and I am not exaggerating when I say I couldn't do this without yall.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the answer. I guess I just gotta swallow my paranoia and get myself over to the gyms on the Notre Dame campus. As I said previously I've managed to lose weight without much exercise so far (about 28 pounds in 30 days) but I would like to add exercise into the mix and see what that buys me.

Keep up the good work in your weight loss. You are a bit of an inspiration to me. It's kinda of like: "This guy is shorter than me and started a good deal further from his goal than I did, if he can do it, then I can as well."

Thanks for blogging about this stuff. It kinda helps to know I am not the only occasionally smacking my head of walls and having other problems.

Tricia said...

I wanted to casually mention that my brother refers to his BO as "One Whopper, all the way please." and my nephew calls it onions. Maybe it's just my family!

Also, thanks for the add :)

bbubblyb said...

great post :) glad to know you better though I really didn't need to know your pee smells like popcorn lol.

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Nice answers man. It's totally about that freedom!

We don't really play rugby. We play touch rugby on occasion, but man you're totally welcome to join us.

And those are some cool heroes :)

Oh, and LOST FTW!

Dina said...

Yay for Lost :)

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Ha, persistent...well...I don't really know how to respond to that lol. Thanks I think?

<3 Amber

Carlos said...

love this post...