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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

They can't all have creative titles...

I don't think I've had a comment on here about a Biggest Loser episode before, but tonight's episode kind of had me pissed off enough to bring it up. I'm so sick of hearing Ron tell people how it's gonna be and threatening Filipe and Sione for going "against the pack." These people have no clue what an opportunity they've been given. That could not have been more clear when people were eating thousands upon thousands of calories for the sake of gameplay. Granted, nothing this season is nearly as offensive to me as last season, but these assholes just need to worry about losing and stop whining at each other like bitchy little kids.

I have to agree with Carlos on this one. Ron is an annoying lobster mutant, and while I will admit he cries too much, Sione seemed like someone who really knew what he was there for. I was disappointed to see him get sent home, but it was pretty clear it doesn't matter where he is because the guy isn't in it for the cash. He's also only an inch taller than me, so it was pretty cool seeing how in shape he was at 235, a full 10 pounds more than I'm aiming for at the moment.

I'm starting to catch my profile in the mirror from time to time and I just can't believe how much different I'm looking now. I caught a look last week while I was wearing a new sweatshirt and I saw someone I wouldn't even consider fat. I can only imagine what I'll look like in another 30-40 pounds.

Today was my first attempt at a new workout program on the elliptical. I didn't feel overly challenged, but my heart and legs were feelin it. I decided to set it to manual and up the resistance from level 3 (the default for fat burn program) to 6. This wound up slowing my pace a bit such that I only did 6½ miles in the 55 minute workout, but my heartrate hit the target zone much more quickly than yesterday and averaged about 5bpm higher too. Me likey. Next week I may toy around with running backwards too. I used to do it from time to time so I could wake up some lesser used muscles, but I haven't in weeks now.

In other news, I received a couple of deliveries from amazon today. These were basically birthday gifts from my dad since he gave me cash, and I'm proud to say that I spent half of it on bills and half of it on weightloss stuffs! First, I got a yoga mat (finally) so I can stop borrowing one from the instructor. Also, I got an EatSmart digital kitchen scale. This was a particularly good buy because I struggle with estimating portion sizes with pretty much anything that isn't volumetric. It also came recommended twice over: once by Lyn about 3 weeks ago and then again the following week by great a friend of mine that has been very instrumental in my weight loss efforts, and rightly so, she paved the way by losing over 50 pounds with WW herself. Thanks, Mels!


Fat Lazy Guy said...

We probably won't be getting the Biggest Loser for a long while, but it's awesome to know there are some Samoans in there, and at least one of them is still in it.

Good stuff on the reflection and the work out! And woot for deliveries!

MizFIt said...

oooh will you review the scale for us too?

Im not a weigher but my sister is in search of a scale...


Tricia said...

I was thinking the same thing about Ron. He sits there and says "It's time for _____ to go." and everyone just goes with it! It drives me crazy. I'm so ready for him to get the heck outta there.

Sione looked super hot. Sorry, had to say it.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

Sounds like you got some pretty awesome new toys! I love buying weight loss stuff, my hubby got me a sweet digital food scale for christmas, silly boy didn't know if it was a good thing or not, he had no idea how much I'd love it!

I love BL, this is my first season watching and I started probably halfway through. Ron definitely has some issues, he's a manipulator that one. I particularly enjoyed (note the sarcasm) how he was offended by Filipe and Sione voting for him when one of them had been up before and he pushed for them to go.