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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"I am the push that makes you move"

I draw a lot of motivation to increase the intensity in my workouts by the music I listen to during them. I have a pretty decent sized catalog of songs on my mp3 player, but I've assembled the 32 that drive me the hardest into a workout playlist. I'm constantly adding and removing titles to that list, but there are a few that never budge. There are a few things that all my workout songs tend to have in common. For one, they are all metal. That's not terribly surprising considering I've been a metalhead ever since I was 13, but while I have developed some other musical tastes since then, it is still my genre of choice for sweatin. More than that, though, they are almost all very high tempo stuff. I frequnetly fall into pace with some of the faster songs, which seems to be a good way to get my heart going.

This evening, I was plodding away on the elliptical, listening to Slipnot - Surfacing when, near the end of the song, the lyrics "I am the push that makes you move" came. I was lip syncing along as I am wont to do on this an a lot of other songs while I work out when I realized how true those words are. This song is the push that makes me move. I love how appropriate that and several other lyrics from my workout playlist really are. Some of my other favorite, appropriate lyrics include:
Crush 'em:
Last one standing wins the fight
Hear us scream and shout all night
Down on the floor and eat the grit
This is gonna hurt a little bit
Kick out the jams:
Yes, I'm startin' to sweat,
you know my shirt's all wet.
What a feelin'.
Zombie Stomp:
I don't need a doctor
But I need something to kill the pain
Don't know what I'm after
But the pressure's driving me insane
I am sure I wouldn't get near the workout I do without my tunes. Actually, I know so because I'm typically disappointed with my workouts on those days I forgot to bring or charge my mp3 player. How about you? I know both of the Tonys have made posts about some of their favorites, but I'd be thrilled to hear from yall on this subject. What makes you move?


Fat Lazy Guy said...

I must be weird or something because I rarely listen to music when I work out. I don't have an mp3 player, so I can't take music on walks with me, and if I choose to have music when I'm lifting weights I just throw itunes on shuffle and play through the library.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I workout at home for the time being, but when I get the monies for a gym membership there will be a lot of Godsmack, Murder City Sparrows, and Pink. Yeah I'm a girl lol.