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Monday, March 23, 2009

"He wasn't right.... in the head"

Obscure movie quote alert! I do not feel right. I mentioned that at my last doctor appointment I was prescribed an ACE inhibitor. I have taken it faithfully every day since the day she prescribed it. The first week and a half, I didn't really notice any side effects, but since about Wednesday of last week I've frequently felt light-headed when standing up from a seated or especially from a prone position. Several times it has been significant enough to start getting tunnel vision for 5 or so seconds. Today was my first day back to the lab and I felt a little light headed all day even when I was just sitting. I called the doctor and of course she is on vacation and the NP she works with was gone for the day by the time they called back.

I want to get off this stuff. I hate not feeling right. It affected me enough today that I didn't feel well enough to work out for fear of collapsing on the machine. I just hope I can get off this shit fast (although I believe there is a weening period) and get back to normal. Aside from that, though, I'm still a bit stressed about the grant/thesis. I am really not feeling it and I'm starting to get concerned it isn't going to come together. Considering it is required for graduation, I'd say my concerned aren't unfounded... and yes, I'm well aware that the stress is likely contributing to my overall well-being.

In other news, I haven't decided what or when, but I am convinced I'm going to get a new tattoo some time this summer to commemorate my weight loss. I was thinking of doing it once I reach goal, but it would be a nice anchor to help me stay on track while I'm still in the process of losing. Besides, I've decided a while ago that my ultimate reward shall be sky diving. It's an especially apropos reward because 1) I've always wanted to do it, 2) there is a weight limit that has always prevented me from doing so and 3) my goal will put me just under that limit. I have a friend that has always supported me in my weight loss efforts that used to jump for a living (3rd Ranger Battalion) who, when I mentioned this end-game reward, said without hesitation that he would jump with me. That means a lot to me, but it's not terribly surprising considering the caliber of friends I keep.


Brandi said...

OH SKY DIVING!! Scary and amazing :) Good luck figuring out your medication light headedness. I hope it goes away soon...AND that your stress levels drop significantly!

Carlos said...

love the tattoo idea. a constant visual reminder of your struggle.

twinkelydots said...

Sky diving is a great goal gift!

Don't forget to set up maintenance gifts: kept the weight off for 1 year go to Europe, kept the weight off for 2 years bought an RV... etc.