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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bon Voyage!

Last one before I hit the road tomorrow. Today was a decent day. I didn't get much done in the lab because I'd let my lab book fall behind so friggin far that I had to spend almost 6 hours updating backlogged entries. I came to a decent stopping point for Spring break, but like a good little intern, I offered to come in after I'm done with my trip to DFW and get some extra work done. I really want to knock this one out of the park so they are tempted to hire me, but so much more than that I am really enjoying the science I'm doing. I think regardless of where I end up, I am convinced that infectious disease research is my niche. I love having something to aim my efforts against. I guess that's my competitive side and right now I have a bacteria that I wanna make my bitch.

KU has found new ways to disappoint every day. First with some lackluster performances since the win over Mizzou, then with the 19 year old kid who drank himself to death, then today with the first round elimination in the Big 12 tournament by friggin Baylor. I realize the the gravity of one of those compared to the others, but you get my point.

I skipped the workout today. I wanted to get home and cook my baby girl some bison burritos, carne asada style. I started marinating them this morning, so I didn't want them to get overly tenderized by all the acid. Regardless, it's been a good week. I know this weekend is gonna be some steps back from whatever progress I've made, but I'm confident I won't go too overboard and I'll make up the lost ground before my next weigh in next Saturday.

Cart was today, btw. I think I'm gonna stick with my fiber one bar plan that I came up with last week for subsequent carts since they took away my tic tacs. I didn't even think twice about passing on the chocolate mousse and shamrock sugar cookies they were pushing.

So this is it for me, folks. I'm headin to class tomorrow morning, then we hop in the car and hit the road. I hope yall have as good a weekend as I will. See ya Monday!


Tony said...

Have a great trip!

Melissa said...

How is that kid's death in any way a reflection on KU? When I lived on campus, the university had a huge responsible drinking campaign and went out of its way to prevent underage drinking and promote moderation in those of age. It was in your face constantly if you were anywhere near campus. It's already been a dry campus for years, and the article itself comments that the reason he moved into the Greek house was because he was removed from the res halls for disciplinary reasons related to alcohol. I heard about kids when I was there who were expelled just for having alcohol on campus. They don't screw around at KU when it comes to booze.

They have to own that Baylor thing, but no fair to blame this on them! The kid made his choice, and it all ended tragically. But it's not the university's fault this happened.