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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Two words

Bullshit Gain.

I guess I'm goin back to my daily points deficits and constant weighing. That is all. Feh.

Edit: OK, I need to get the negativity out. It wasn't that bad. This has just been a bad weekend between fighting with the girlfriend about stupid financial bullshit for 24 hours to being caught droppin a couple tears at fucking Marley and Me. We talked it out, it was a sad movie, and I'm not gonna let this crap ruin my whole weekend.

I didn't get an official weigh-in because I was too bitter over the 2lb gain that the Wii Fit showed, compounded with the fact that I forgot my weight tracking book and add to that we through a couple more stupid things to fight about before and on the way to the meeting, I was pretty much fed up with the world (hence the post up there). I'm not going to update my stats on WW boards, the weight tracker, the ticker or anything else this week. I know part of it was my out of the ordinary eating yesterdau and water retention from the excess sodium and part of it was the inevitable plateau that I've been due after losing 33 pounds since Halloween.

I'm bouncing back from the funk. We're gonna enjoy the 60 degree gift we've been given and spend some quality time together while we stock up for our little superbowl party tomorrow (chili + queso... it's tradition!). I'll stick to the plan today, try to be reasonable with the snackin tomorrow (chili's low points, chips and queso not so much), and rock out a killer week. I'm still 278.2 on paper anyhow.


CJ said...

Don't worry about that gain, you will get it off. Try not to do too much damage tomorrow. I am trying to plan it out, but usually it all gets shot to hell! W/E....we will just work harder next week to compensate!

Keep up the great work!

Oh, and as for the fighting, several blogs, including mine, this week have been talking about their SOs and not getting along! Maybe its just in the air!!

Dina said...

I'm sure it's sodium too. Glad to see you came back with a more positive slant. It's frustrating I know.

MizFit said...

Im with CJ. move forward and, since Im a huge steelers fan, I say make today your treat day ever and THEN GET LOOKING TO TOMORROW.

I know

I shouldnt say that, but....


Carlos said...

gains suck. bullshit one's seem personal! hang in there. just a little speed bump.