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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Snack time

I post about food here a lot, but it's almost never about the normal food I eat day to day. I've come to realize that if I talk (or even think) about food, it's pretty much always the delicious, unhealthy indulgent foods that I either used to eat and therefor miss or that I have slipped up by consuming in a moment of weakness. So this morning I wanted to share some of my favorite snacky foods.

My newest find was a three pack of jars of hummus (which I used to have a lot more when I lived with someone who didn't mind the messy food processor cleanup) that come in original, garlic and sun-dried tomato flavors and a big bag of whole grain pita chips, both from CostCo (I've been a member for a week now... so awesome). 4 tbsp and 1-2oz respectively is quite a snack and only 3-5 points total. I like to have these with a couple green onions and a dill pickle (for no additional points) and it's fantastic. Maybe it's the newness of it, but this is my favorite snack at the moment.

Some other favorites are:
  • Cheez-Its: especially cheddar jack, parmesan garlic and the seemingly defunct sour cream and onion flavors. I also saw a new pepper jack flavor yesterday that I've picked up but not tried yet. These are a bit pricier in terms of points than most people care, but I still get like 37 a day, so its nothing for me to drop 3 points for 23 'zits.
  • Yoplait: there are so many flavors of the light yogurt and they are all like 90-110 calories (2 points for 6oz). My personal favorites are banana cream pie, very cherry, key lime pie, apple turnover, pineapple upside down cake and the old standby, very vanilla. I'd still like to try strawberry shortcake and cherry cobbler some time. These are also a decent way to get in a dairy serving (although the cups are a couple ounces short of a full serving).
  • String cheese: I realize it's easier to just chomp down on the end, but some times I enjoy pulling off little strips and eating little bites at a time. It lasts longer and brings out the kid in me to some degree. These are also a decent way to get in half a dairy serving, and at only a point or two per stick, they're a very "affordable," filling snack.
  • Fruit: grapes, bananas, apples, oranges, berries... I love fruit. I could probably get all 5 of my fruit/veggie servings in daily solely on fruit, but I know I need the vegetables as well, so they typically show up at lunch and dinner. My breakfast and both snacks, however, are all about the fruit. I rarely go a day without eating a banana, and while I don't try them often enough, I'm developing a taste for blue, rasp, black, and strawberries (none of which I was crazy about before). Sadly, I've never and possibly never will care for of melons, pears, or peaches. I'd love to keep trying new fruits like mango, kiwi, pomegranate, papaya and so forth.
  • Water: yeah, I know, it's not really a snack, but I just want to emphasize what a big part of my day this really is. I drink almost nothing but water and milk. I was never a fan of pop since I quit drinking caffeine in high school, and I don't really miss the Fresca and Welch's grape that I used to buy from time to time. I was going through a pitcher of Crystal Light every day or 2 for a few months after I started WW, but I cut that out as well eventually. Weight Watchers recommends you get in 48 ounces of water a day and recently with the Momentum plan they expanded the term to include a lot of other liquids. Personally, I think the old standy is still number one, but beyond that, I also feel like 48oz (especially for someone my size) isn't nearly enough. I set my personal goal for 1-1.5 gallons (128-192oz), which since I got the water bottle I asked my girlfriend to get me for Christmas, that ain't no thing. I won't pimp it out since I've done enough product placement today, but I drink a lot more water with it than I did when I just used a cup. Oh, and I should mention that I'm also big on the ice water.... Hey, it's gotta take extra energy for the body to bring that 32º stuff up to 98.6º right?
So what are your favorite go-to snacks? I'm always on the lookout for new ideas.


twinkelydots said...

I love love love the mini bell peppers from Costco. I go thru a bag a week. I'll eat them by themselves or with hummus.

Brown rice cakes thrill me. Seriously. I love having something crunchy and salty.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you have a good variety of healthy snacks. I'm very much a fruit person, too. I like to make smoothies with light soy milk, a cup of strawberries, a banana, and 1 tbsp of fat free, sugar free white chocolate pudding. Delicious and filling!

mcc394 said...

Im right there with you on the yoplait and string cheese. The Key Lime Yoplait is awesome. creamy and smooth.

String Cheese is good too.

Unslated plain old almonds rock as well.

And lots and lots of water.

Thanks for the read today.

bbubblyb said...

I'm big on fruit too, if I didn't make soup just about every week I don't think I would get my veggies in at all.

I love yoplait too, one flavor you didn't mention was boston cream pie, pretty tasty.

Some other snacks:

cut up apple (fuji is my favorite) with a dip made from vanilla yogurt, mixed with some peanut butter, yummy.

cottage cheese, little splenda, and frozen sweet cherries and blueberries.

Smoothies made with chocolate protein powder, 1% milk, whatever fruit I fancy that day.

All kinds of nuts


I'm sure I could go on forever so I'll shut up for now lol.

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I adore ice water too! If I have water it's gotta be ice cold, and I need a nice big cup of it in the morning, I just need to train myself, now, to drink more water and less coffee! oi...that's gonna be a hard one.

MizFit said...

I could ramble here forever :)
almonds, soy nuts, string cheese, beef jerky, laughing cow ANYTHING...

Tena said...

I love Greek plain yogurt. Fage brand makes the best. I get the 0% fat or 2% and throw in some frozen blueberries and a packet of Splenda. The frozen berries make the yogurt freeze a little. Almost like ice cream.

Love Laughing Cow Light with red bell pepper strips! And almonds.

Carlos said...

I like apples with a little wheel of that laughing cow light cheese. and popcorn

Melissa said...

Winter is always a hard time for me as far as snacking and hunger patterns go. Even well before I got to goal, I turned into one of those women who is ALWAYS cold. And I'm especially chilly in winter, so it's hard for me to warm up enough to feel like eating my standards through the other seasons: grapes, apples, pears, carrots. I crave starches and warm stuff.

So when I can't stand to eat anything but starches, I focus on the whole-grain, low-fat, high fiber items. I went through a big phase where I was eating a lot of the Fiber One bars (the peanut butter ones and the chocolate ones are both 3 pts each and delicious). One of my favorite snacks for after work is a half cup of F1 twigs (0 pts), a little of the caramel delight version, and a little milk.

I tend to avoid the 100 calorie packs as much as I can. They're often delicious, but always seem to leave me hungry. So I look for stuff with more bulk. Lately I've been experimenting with baking some of my own snacks.

For instance, I made these yesterday and they weren't very difficult. They taste great and are only 3 points each. Best of all, it's a small batch. Only makes 6 scones, so there aren't as many sitting around for me to go nuts on.

By the way. Since you live like 5 minutes from me, if you and S would like me to share some of my baking experiments occasionally, I wouldn't mind that. I'd try more of these light dessert/baked snack recipes if I weren't worried about it making too much to where I will overeat on it.