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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Scaling back

I've mentioned at least a couple of times that I have a serious scale dependence. The last time I tried to free myself from it, I felt like I had given up my security blanket, resulting in some self-doubt and poor choices. Since then, I've slipped back into multiple trips to the scale every day again. This week, I decided to back off again. All the way. I haven't stepped foot on a scale since Saturday's weigh-in.

This time, for one reason or another, I feel much better about it. I am sticking to the program, even planning out my day of eating the night before, which always makes me feel more in control. My girl put together a new recipe this past weekend, pasta e fagioli. It is made up entirely of filling foods. I can't even eat a whole (2C) serving of it, and it is absolutely delicious.

So I'm looking forward to this Saturday's weigh-in (what else is new?). I feel like my momentum is gonna keep going and if this is another 2.5-4 pound loss, I think I will have completely freed myself from dependence on the scale outside of WI day. Also, I realized this afternoon that I am just 7 weeks from my birthday, and at a 3 pound a week average I've been skirting since November, I could very well start my 29th birthday with a gift of the centennial variety. That'd be tremendous. I won't beat myself up if I don't make it because I realize it's a pretty steep challenge, but hey, aim for the stars, right?


Anonymous said...

Right on - aim for the stars!!! Happy early Birthday!

Congrats on not stepping on the scale since Saturday. I am having the opposite problem. I recently gave in and purchased a scale and now I'm on it a couple times a day. I moved it to the kitchen, between the pantry and the frig to avoid the evening munchies. So far, so good.

theantijared said...

Take it from me.
Go on the scale once a week!

~ugly girl with a beautiful heart~ said...

I found I did way more damage when I stepped on the scale too often. Sometimes now I'll take a cheat peek midway through the week, but otherwise it's Saturday morning only. That way I can be impressed with a loss no matter what it is.

And good luck on trying to reach the centennial as you put it by your birthday!

Brandi said...

Good luck sticking to your guns this week. I'd love to get that recipe from you! :)

twinkelydots said...

Originally I was only going to weigh myself once a month. Then it became once a week. Now it's once a day.

I will join you in solidarity to only weigh once a week.

Carlos said...

yeah i never scale during the week...bad mojo

Brandi said...

You know, its funny. Most of our family (at least on the Abel side) didn't really take notice. I think the only one who ever said ANYthing was Craig, and that's just cause he says whatever comes to his mind :)

But thank you for your support. I am glad you found my blog too! Its so weird how you can know someone your whole life (and even be related to them) and not really know who they are. I'm glad we can change that now! :)

Ashleigh said...

You should definitely post the pasta recipie, sounds delish.

Congrats on the 80lbs loss! It's SO motivating to see other ppl accomplish such amazing goals.

I had to physically REMOVE the scale from my house because I was constantly running to it to check if I had lost a pound bout now? (and so on and so on). But now that I've removed it, seeing a bigger loss once a week is FAR more rewarding.