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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Stress Fractured

This has been a stressful week. I won't go into the details, but school stuff has been pretty heavy considering I should really be on vacation at the moment. I'm wrapping up my current practicum and getting ready to jump into my final semester of grad school, which will include some industry experience at my new practicum site and a scientific writing course that will culminate with my thesis, a mock grant proposal. As if this wasn't enough weighing on my mind, my power steering line has developed a leak that wound up sending my car to the shop for the weekend. I've been sans wheels since Thursday and won't have it back till Monday. Feh.

The stress has definitely had an effect on my body and my mind. For starters (and again, not to go too terribly deeply into the details), I feel kind of backed up, which may or may not have affected my weigh-in -- 1.6 lost, btw, I'm glad I still made progress regardless -- and obviously that can easily be caused by stress. In addition to that, I didn't find the time or motivation to go to the gym all week. I hate falling off the workout wagon, but between the stress and the overcrowding at the gym right now, it just didn't happen. Next week doesn't look too much more promising, but I'm hoping things even out soon because as much as I am grateful for any loss on the scale, I hate to lose my momentum I had built up since redoubling my efforts in November.

To look on the bright side, I passed the milestone I was anticipating last week, but seriously at 0.2 pounds off, I would have had to have done pretty poorly not to have gotten it. That's a good way to look at it too, because with all this going on I could have easily said "fuck it" and stopped tracking for the week. I had already taken a hit from the lack of workout, though, so I wouldn't let myself fall there too.

I'm now 80% the man I used to be. By the time I reach my 30% goal, I'll have lost over 100 pounds, which in my opinion is when a weight watcher crosses a threshold from "you're doing really good" to "holy shit, that's an incredible change." I'm exactly 2 pounds shy of my 75-pound trinket now. I'd love to hit that next week, but if I don't, I'll handle it. I learned a long time ago that putting deadlines on goals does nothing for me. I'll get there when I get there.

Progress so far: 73 pounds.


CJ said...

Sorry its been such a stressful week. I am glad you still lost. You need to get back to working out though, cuz we all know its going to help with the stress! Keep up the good work!

Carlos said...

sounds like a horrible week. good for you for not eating the stress. and great job on the loss and the 20% you are doing awesome.