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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Confessions of a cheat day recoverer

I used to always give myself Saturday morning breakfast as a bit of a cheat where I'd get something unhealthy like McDonald's, a diner, or even some pancakes, bacon and fried potatoes at home. I stopped doing it a while ago because I found my weight loss slowing down and my budget shrinking (I actually went without dining out the last three months of 08). I know it's wrong and I know even moreso that I always drag my girlfriend down with me when I do it. Whereas I could bounce back throughout the rest of the week, it has never been as easy for her to rebound from the cheating.

Well, today we decided to hit up Denny's for breakfast after weight watchers. She had a very reasonable vegetarian omelet, I had a fried ham, sausage and egg sandwhich. That should have been the end of it, but we've been talking for a while about how we never do dates anymore. Since we can afford it now and it's not something we can do at home, we decided to go out for sushi this evening.

I know what you're thinking. Big deal. Sushi is healthy. Well, that's true if you a) pick the healthy dishes and b) do so in moderation. I did not. We decided that since it was a special first date in a long time and that we don't go to this particular restaurant often, rather than sit at the sushi bar, we'd order a couple of options (las vegas rolls and fried philly rolls are so good....) but then go to the hibachi steakhouse section of the restaurant. It was all so delicious and extravagant. We haven't had a meal like that since our anniversary at The Melting Pot.

So there you have it. I hit a milestone, took some pictures, then threw the whole program out the window. I'm not feeling remorseful or guilting myself about it; I taught myself a while ago that there is no point in indulging in food you rarely get if you don't even let yourself enjoy it. I'm just documenting the facts, owning up to it to the community to whom I feel I owe it, and moving on. I'll bounce back just like I did after Christmas vacation. I won't even begin to guess how I do points-wise. I never use my weeklies or activity points, and it would mostly be conjecture anyhow. I'll just stay on track the rest of the week and accept whatever the scale has to say to me next Saturday.


CJ said...

Forgive and move on.....just don't let one night turn into two, three, so on! We are entitled to a slip up every now and again and if we work out harder and watch our points, we will all be all right.

I hope you and your girlfriend enjoyed your date night! You deserved it.

Katschi (Karen) said...

I did this yesterday, knowingly.
Fajitas & cake. It was good. I liked it! :)
I don't feel the need to continue pigging today probably because I didn't make myself feel guilty about the splurge.
Moving on today.
This weight loss thing can be exhausting & it's good to get a release from it. I'm thinking maybe once a month. I wouldn't be able to recover from a weekly splurge much like your girlfriend.
Your weight loss is amazing by the way! Your last pic? I thought you were posing with a cardboard cutout of a bodybuilder! I'm not kidding! I didn't think that was your body! You're doing great. HOT even :)

Carlos said...

dates are hard for us because they used to be booze and food fests. we have tried to make it non food focused. op dinners at home with a movie after. or friendly dinners like sushi, or tapas in moderation. it will take a while but you will find your sweet spot.