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Thursday, January 22, 2009

New challenges to face with my weight loss

I'm currently on my final internship of my graduate career at the best lab I've ever seen. It is an absolutely incredible environment, full of friendly people, an extremely laid-back culture, and you really get to see your research come to fruition as a practical application. This is without a doubt the most ideal job I could ever dream to get. I really hope I get a good foot in the door this semester and get a chance at coming on as an employee.

Every Thursday at 3pm, the CEO hops on his Segway and drives around the office area, letting everyone know it's time for cart. That's when everyone is invited to come to the break area, socialize, and enjoy treats from this little street cart. It's packed with candy, sweets, and stuff. Bags of popcorn, sometimes cookies and other snacky things are also available. Today's extra treat was a load of soft pretzels with nacho cheese or yellow mustard.

So today was my first experience with cart and I have to admit, I could have done worse, but I also could have done much better in the face of such temptation. I grabbed a bag of popcorn at first. No big deal, it was only a couple of cups worth. Then, I grabbed a pretzel and some mustard as well. I schmoozed for a bit, meeting some people I hadn't gotten a chance to meet yet (it's not a huge company, there's maybe 300 people total), then I headed back to my office lest I fall prey to the temptations of snickers, skittles, butterfingers and kit-kats. I'll try to do better next week.

I'm here till May 8th, and then I pray I get a chance to get hired on because I'll have finished my masters by then. So I'll be facing these temptations for a further 3 1/2 months at the least, hopefully for the next 40 years. ;) To do a little damage control, I took advantage of another amenity at this incredible company: I headed to the warehouse and did an hour on the treadmill, stationary bike, and elliptical (all of which have their own tv and sattelite tuner).

I am seriously enamored with this lab. Did I mention they also have free vending machines, a free pinball machine and arcade game, free coffee and cappucino and even free slushies in the break area? As if all this wasn't enough, they also frequently receive tickets to events in the KC area (like last night's AC/DC concert at the Sprint Center) and give away door prizes at company events like iPod touches.

I won't even get into how fantastic, bleeding edge and satisfying the science we're doing is....


Brandi said...

So ummm...where is this company at??? ;)

Sounds like you didn't do THAT bad with the temptation. PLUS nice work at the gym!!

Anonymous said...

Where do I sign up??? Congrats on the workout. No better way to do it than work it off.

mcc394 said...

sounds like a great company to work for. I hope you can get on there like you want. good luck.

Carlos said...

totally want to chuck my career and join the cart team!

twinkelydots said...

One day you'll be that guy on the segway, right?

And the good news: You got the first time behind you so you know what to expect next time.

Graized said...

Hehe, no. I have no desire to be a CEO. To quote Dr. Venkman in Ghostbusters, "back off, man. I'm a scientist."