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Sunday, December 7, 2008

There's only so much a belt can do...

As predicted, I made my first steps into the 200s at this week's weigh-in. It was very satisfying to see that 2 in front of my weight, but obviously not overly surprising. I also received yet another star for losing my 60th pound (rather impressive since I had to dip a full pound to reach 300 and another two in order to get to that 60th), and as usual my leader asked me to speak about my success and what I thought about the program made it happen. Well, considering this is now the 12th time I've been asked that, I am really starting to run out of different ways of saying "e-tools, the meetings, everything..." but I managed to rattle something off about how the little goals make it easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, segueing me into alerting the group to my tercentenary barrier triumph. I may be a sucker for it, but I do enjoy feeling the support of my fellow WWers as they applaud my successes at our weekly meetings. I do find myself worrying about how many different ways I can answer that question if I know I'll be asked it at least another 14 times on my way to goal...

In other news, my father managed to find some old clothes I might be able to use. I should explain that when she was alive, my mother used to buy me clothes without my input. It was very generous and sweet, but she must have been a bit deluded, because 9 times out of 10 the clothes she bought were too small. At the time, it was easy to shrug, put them away and state "I'll fit into these after I lose a few pounds," but alas, my weight rarely did anything but rise, making those ill-fitting clothes simply fall further out of reach.

It turns out to be quite a blessing that these clothes remain stashed away at my father's house all these years because I've recently come to the realization that although belts are lovely in that I can pull them in to the next eyelet each time they feel a bit loose (I'm about to transition to the next size down for the second time since I started this journey; I'm currently floating on the last eyelet of this belt), this causes the material of my out-of-size bluejeans to bunch up or fall below the belt in at the fly, which is neither fashionable nor comfortable. I've come to concession that my 48s have outlived their purpose and must be retired, only to show up at the end of my weight loss journey in that cliche picture where the skinny me hides behind them outstretched, dropping them like a curtain or pulls them on and extends the waistline to demonstrate the inches that have been shed.

Anyhow, long story short, I've come to find that I fit quite comfortably in a pair of 42s now. This is especially exciting since I distinctly remember in high school lamenting as I grew too heavy to fit into my beloved size 40 black wide-legs. That was around the same time I was no longer able to stretch my XL shirts to fit around my frame comfortably. I guess this all means that I'm almost back to my high school weight. I love counting my weight loss in terms of history. I haven't weighed this little in 6 years.

So I've accomplished my 299.9 goal. I've set my new goal at 280. That's what my driver's license says. I have to renew this coming March, so I look forward to being able to report a lower weight than that when they ask. Perhaps I'll even tell the truth this time as I am fairly certain I didn't the last two times.

Progress so far: 60.4 pounds.

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