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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I find that when I get into something I tend to go at it extremely hard and in great depth.

When I used to play World of Warcraft, I was constantly striving to be the best I could be as a healer, guildmate, raider, etc. I min-maxed my stats as much as possible, made plans for what gear uprades I wanted, put in 8 or more hours every day and rarely missed a raid.

When I became a fan of LOST, I downloaded and watched every episode in sequence, then watched them again, then watched them in random order, then bought the DVDs and shared them with my girlfriend. I posted on a LOST forum, contributing to easter egg finds, theories, and when it's in season, I watch each episode live while DVRing, watch it again immediately after and tend to watch it one or two more times before the next episode airs.

When I became a fan of Biggest Loser, I spent a lot of time reading forums and scouring the net for back-info on the contestants. I downloaded season 5 and am working my way through it. I frequently check for syndicated episodes on tv and recently watched all of season 4 when there was a marathon on Style. I'm looking forward to the upcoming season 3 marathon on Bravo this week and I'm already reading up on some of the contestants for season 6, which starts 1 week from today (go green team!).

So yeah, I have a bit of an all-or-none attitude with some things. Weight loss, on the other hand, I never really got that into in my previous efforts. Of course, as I've pointed out before, I've really come to realize that I never really tried until this time. When I decided this past spring that I was going to get my ass into shape once and for all, I don't know that I really took myself all that seriously because I've made that same statement a dozen times before. That said, I've really gotten there this time. I'm glad that I've finally let weight loss become one of my obsessions. I rarely go a day without hopping on the Weight Watchers website and always use the online tracker to plan my meals for the day. I've found my way into the blogosphere and now follow half a dozen other weight loss blogs. I asked for a water bottle for Christmas from my girlfriend for crying out loud!

It's nice to know that I'm finally obsessed with something that will actually carry me to a lifetime of health.


Brandi said...

Hey! That's so great that you finally reached the all-or-nothing attitude with your health! It is sooooo hard to get there sometimes. I still struggle with it. Good luck as we bring in the new year!

Tony said...

WOTLK is pretty fun! I definitely understand the obsession thing. I use to obsess about WoW and Final fantasy and a bunch of other stuff. Weight loss is the best obsession.

CJ said...

I think being obsessed with getting healthy is a lot "healthier" than being obsessed with in the way it got us to where we are today.

Keep up the great work!!!