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Saturday, December 20, 2008

I guess I should trust myself

Or at least cut myself some slack...

Today, in our meeting, we were discussing how some of us had slip ups here and there especially during this holiday season, and two things came into perspective for me. First, this is a way of life. Even once I lose all this weight and become a lifetime member, I'll always have to be conscious of my eating habits in order to maintain. In other words, I have to know how to live my life in the real world without losing control of what I eat and how I stay active, and in the real world, there are holidays and barbecues and parties and get-togethers. To think that I'll never have a slip up is just asinine. Not only that, but I have to give myself permission that if I do give in to a temptation or two this holiday that I not dwell on it because really, whats the point of indulging once in a while if I can't even enjoy it.

Secondly, what I consider a slip-up nowadays is nothing compared to some of the shit I considered normal eating habits before. So I had some fries and 4 wings. How bad was it really? like 20 or so points. That's a huge chunk, but seriously, before I started this journey, I used to eat 18 wings and probably twice as many fries as a normal meal, wash it down with a quart or two of lemonade and maybe even follow that up with a 1000 calorie ice cream.

That's perspective for you. What I think is a serious transgression today would have been less than half a meal a year ago. I really am in a completely different mindset now. Point in fact: not only did I avoid a gain this week, not only did I make that .4 I needed for the 65 pound star, I pulled enough to pass that half-way hump I was looking at last week. Seriously, could I already be halfway there? I can almost certainly maintain my current rate of loss (2 pounds a week) even with a few slip-ups here and there and be at my goal weight this July. That'd be incredible. 2009 is going to be a fantastic year.

Weight loss so far: 67.4 pounds.

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