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Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Just finished my workout. Today, I went back to weight training after months of being out of it. Like... lots of months.

I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and then headed to the upper body circuit. After doing 2 of my intended three trips around the circuit, my arms were dead. Like... started at 10 reps of 130 on the bench and ended not being able to push half that. Dead.

Since I still had 10 minutes left on the full hour workout I'd intended, I hopped on the stairmaster for 10 minutes, which I've never done before and found to also be quite challenging.

Eesh. After I got home, I found it difficult to even shampoo my hair. I just couldn't lift my arms up that high for more than a few seconds.

Seriously, ow.

That said, I still feel absolutely fantastic about being back at this thing full force. I'm confident that another week or two of this and I'll be seriously rockin the workouts.


Anonymous said...

I just did the 30 Day Shred for the first time.

I don't think I'll be shampooing my hair any time soon.


Secretly, feels good, right? Those sore muscles feel good.

big_mummy said...

no pain no gain (loss??) dude!! i miss that pain, i nee dto get back on it!

carla said...

Three cheers for the weight training

nothing like it for waking up and feeling like youve been run over by a bus :)

you soresore?

wildfluffysheep said...

ow indeed.
but kudos to keep going.

great to read that last paragraph. bring it.

bbubblyb said...

Way to go on getting back into the gym. I've been on and off again with the weight training because of my stomach so I know all about feeling like I've been hit by something lol. Hopefully it will get better for both of us. It sure does feel good though. Sounds like you've had a great 6 weeks, keep up the terrific work.

Twice the Man said...

I am trying to figure out how to ease back into weight training myself, need to get back at it, keep it up!

Fried Jeff said...

I haven't visited your blog since earlier this year, but I wanted to give you kudos for your weight loss since then. Good job on getting back into the gym!

Paula Rodriguez said...

Doesn't it feel great... that tiredness that you get from a good sweaty workout.

I love how I feel after I've done the 30 day shred. Just wish I could do it 5 days in a row.

Take care

carla said...

cheering you onward.

stretch ----gently.

bbubblyb said...

How are you?

bbubblyb said...

Was thinking about you wondering how you're doing? Hope things are well.