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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where am I?

I'm still here. I'm still alive. I'm still pushing my way through the summer's gain to get back where I was in July. I'm still sucking serious ass at updating my blog.

Since I last checked in, over 2 months ago, I struggled with my weightlifting and wound up falling back to my cardio routine. I had another slipup and gained a few, so I took advantage of what was going to be an ugly gain anyhow and switched from weighing in workout clothes to weighing in street clothes. That added about 3 pounds to that and all subsequent weigh-ins. I'll switch back to workout clothes when spring returns, but in the meantime, I'm tracking what the scale says.

What it has said to me recently has been very encouraging. The weeks leading up to Thanksgiving were solid food-wise, but a bit sucky workout-wise, and the losses were pretty skeezy (for me) at about 1 pound per week. I decided to get through the holidays this year just like I did last year. I got back into a consistent gym regimen (even working out Thanksgiving day), I planned ahead for the three Thanksgiving dinners my fiancee and I attended, followed through on those plans and continued to show discipline and focus in my eating and tracking. With a canceled meeting on Thanksgiving, I was fully two weeks into my re-focused weight loss before I had to face the scale again last week. The scale must have heard about all my hard work because it rewarded me with a 7.2 pound loss. Today, I anticipate another solid loss in the neighborhood of 3 pounds.

After this weigh-in, I'll face a holiday party this weekend, the beginning of another round of holiday eating challenges. After that, we'll head out of town to visit my father and friends in my old home town next weekend. Next is the Christmas gauntlet, which will include visits to her family on Christmas eve followed by lunch with my paternal grandmother and family on Christmas day and maternal grandparents and family that evening. This is going to be slightly more challenging than Thanksgiving was, but I am confident that my success so far will carry me through the rest of the year. My goal is to not miss a meeting between now and January 7th without showing a gain at any of them. Since the meeting will be once again canceled on Christmas eve, I'll have a pad to help me through all of that. It won't be easy, but it'll be totally worth it.

This is where I apologize like I have in my last 10 posts about how lame I've been about updating this blog. It's all just empty promises at this point isn't it? I'm sure I've lost a lot of followers thanks to my weak-ass blogging for the past 6 months. I won't entertain any notion that I'll be back to where I was, updating every day, but I'll definitely try to be a little more consistent for those of you who stuck it out for me. Cool? Tell ya what. If you trust me, I guarantee I'll post again tonight with my official weigh-in results. Till then, thanks!

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