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Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Farewell to Harm

If you can't stand bad poetry, please stop reading here.

Spring is finally here
With summer on its way,
Our last season together
And I just have this to say:

I'm not going to miss you
Not even a little bit.
You dragged me down throughout my life,
And made me feel like shit.

You've clung to my body
For almost all my life,
Caused me to doubt myself
And brought me too much strife.

You've got to go now.
You're leaving piece by piece,
Dropping off my body
As my Calories decrease.

As I've liberated myself
From your painful grasp of weight,
I find myself rewriting
My once dismal fate.

So don't cry for me
As we say our last goodbyes.
I'll keep a small piece of you
At a fraction of your size.

I'll still feed you wings
Beer and pizza too,
But not in the amounts
You'd grown accustomed to.

I'm sure you've seen it coming,
As your mass has contracted.
I've worked my ass off at the gym,
And in turn you've reacted.

I should have done this years ago,
And truth be told I tried.
I'm sure when I started this time last year
You just rolled your eyes and sighed.

"He's never done it before," you thought
"He's not going to now."
But now that you see it's working
You've got some sweat upon your brow.

109 pounds of your brethren have left,
And few of your still remain.
By healthy eating habits
And elliptical they've been slain.

So goodbye to my dwindling fat
Auf wiedersehen, adieu.
You've overstayed your welcome
I'll be a better man without you.

Happy Mothers day to all you moms out there! Have a good Sunday.


wildfluffysheep said...

Wow. Impressed. Really enjoyed the poem. So heartfelt. Loved it. *beams*

twinkelydots said...

Great poem! That is truly a breakup letter if I ever saw one.

wtg wtg wtg

Tricia said...

Poetry?? What is this, Pseudogout?


Mary Beth said...

LOVE IT!!!Great poem. Really enjoyed reading it.Congrats on all the weight lost.

Chubby Chick said...

Great poem! I LOVE it! lol

Dina said...

Tricia-you can suck it!

Nice message!

Stephen said...

Your blog is very inspirational to me. I especially love your before and after picture. You look so happy in those after pics. I will be at that point one day.

Thank You

Fat Lazy Guy said...

Yo, dude! Where you at?