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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Below "goal"

So, I made it. I'm below 225. The weight loss ticker I use on forums says... well, I'll just show ya:

1.8 below target weight. Awesome. I feel like I'm on a really good roll right now. That usually means I'm due for a big slip, but I'm gonna be positive and tell myself I won't let that happen. I have planned out my meals for the next 6 days. I really enjoyed my workout today and am looking forward to another tomorrow. I really think I'm gonna hit that 220 I need in order to be able to skydive. Then, once my friend gets back from overseas, we can start planning the jump. I have been looking forward to this for years so I think that in itself, along with being only 3.2 pounds from the weight limit, will serve to keep me motivated and on track.

I am looking forward to updating this blog with pictures and video from the jump.

So, in the meantime, I can't just keep saying my goal is 225 (although it is a bit comical to see that ticker). I've decided to set my next goal (which is also a temporary one and not my anticipated end-game weight) at 215. That is the weight at which my BMI drops to 29.98 and I'm officially considered "overweight."

I realize a lot of people going through weight loss have cheered for the same thing in sardonic fashion, but it really is a touch ironic to be excited about being overweight, isn't it? Yeah....

Progress so far: 135.0 pounds.


Brandi said...


You've worked so hard to be where you are. I hope you revel in it :)

Taryl said...

Congratulations on hitting that first big goal! That is HUGE!

big_mummy said...

that is freaking awesome!! man alive 135lb, I am so jealous lol.

Just getting caught up aftr my rss reader went on the fritz and that warrior thing looked awesome, i wanna have a go!