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Monday, September 8, 2008

Finally outta the grillin' holidays

Memorial Day weekend and the 4th of July were rough. I let myself go and I had to work it back off. Both of them were challenging, but fun, so I gave myself the freedom one more time for Labor Day. I didn't weigh in since we visited my girlfriend's family and there were no meetings anywhere nearby. What I did do, however, was stuff myself for three days straight: bacon, eggs, fried potato breakfast every morning, burgers, chips, dip and more twice, pizza once, ice cream over and over, tropical sno twice...

It was a blast, but the damage was done. Once I got home, I weighed myself at +9.6 pounds. Luckily, a majority of that was water weight, and the next morning I was pleased to see it was really only +4.6 pounds. I kicked my butt into high gear all week and managed to weigh in at 2.4 net loss from the previous WI (which was the weekend prior to Labor Day). If only my graph could show the massive spike in between, but it is forever hidden away from my "official" chart.
Looking onward, I'm now just 0.6 shy of my next sticker and 5.6 shy of my next trinket (this one for 50 lost). That'll put me within spitting distance of the 200s, with 15% loss falling somewhere in between the two. These next several weeks are going to be fairly stressful with real life stuff including my poster, GF moving in, research site changing, a retake of a class I didn't too so hot in last winter, and lots of Halloween plans with the little lady. I'm going to really enjoy it all, but it will be a weightloss challenge for sure.

Here goes nothin!

Progress so far: 44.4 pounds

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